Squaw Valley Conditions: Bluebird Pow!

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North Bowl was holding great snow all day
North Bowl was holding great snow all day

After 2 storms in one week that dropped 20″ of cold snow, it felt like a mid-winter Saturday at Squaw Valley today. The crowds came out strong, but people seemed to be in good spirits with the great snow conditions and weather. Siberia and Emigrant were basically doing double duty with Siberia giving access to Headwall via Reverse Traverse and Emigrant giving access to Granite off the backside.

Reverse Traverse looking back at the Palisades before it popped
Reverse Traverse looking back at the Palisades before it popped

Reverse Traverse got us some great snow on North Bowl, Hogsback and Headwall Face. Mainline Pocket and skier’s right of Granite Chief were open all day as well, but the highlight was the opening of the Palisades at around 2pm. The boys were out hucking their meat and we saw some nice blow ups as well on the traverse tracks below.

Party up top, peanut gallery down below
Party up top, peanut gallery down below

With clear skies, warm days and cold nights, it looks like we could have some nice spring corn skiing by the weekend. Get after it while you still can!

Corn snow weather!
Corn snow weather!

Photo Tour

Rob Thomas with a backie into Main Chute
Rob Thomas with the backie into Main Chute
Great snow and coverage in Shirley
Great snow and coverage in Shirley
Crazy Shirley line... those are people HIKING OUT
Crazy Shirley line… those are people HIKING OUT
Plenty of sweet pow lines to be had on Siberia this morning
Plenty of sweet pow lines to be had on Siberia this morning

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6 thoughts on “Squaw Valley Conditions: Bluebird Pow!

  1. Kook u really told poacher whats up

    too bad lifts @ squaw run the slowest of all major resorts if they run at all

    epic fail this year on lifts squaw

    sibo 30 min plus wait
    cause pwr out during xmas aux motor wouldnt start

    big blue down no coolant to run aux motor during power out kids had to hike up to gold coast during xmas

    Shirley running intermittent last wed total joke

    funi breaking down mid season

    squaw one joke

    kt electrical issues….again

    oh right sorry squaw is great ops always runs like a swiss watch.

    Thanks jimmy ur awesome

    1. Thanks Katy!
      That drop is causing quite a stir. I got a few vids sent to me and posting in the book soon. 🙂

  2. what the hell did u expect poacher? you are blaming management and employees who had very little to work with due to the driest winter on record. yeah sure, open headwall chair or any other lift that was in dirt just this weekend with all those extra employees that were laid off. Awww, so Jimmy was plowing dirt so you felt the need to poach, brag about it and flame the place you chose to buy a pass at?

  3. Squaw absolutely blows these days. Crowds were bonkers. I got in 4 runs in about two hours. Put the season passes back up to $1k PLEASE!

  4. Lines were more than a joke. 3 runs in 2 hrs is what wirth would call enhanced guest experience?

    Full lot, third biggest crowd of season and that was the most lifts they could open?

    Shirley and sibo both had issues operating consistently.

    Prob cause Jimmy King felt his time this morning was better spent plowing lower mtn down to dirt to prevent peeps from skiing down. Maybe he is just pissed he had to cancel vacation plans cause execo mgmt decided to open a week longer. Was totally lame, rude and just plain wrong.

    Wirth doesnt even have a clue cause if he did king-a-ling would be long gone.

    Jimmy forgets there are more of us that are tired of his crappy attitude to skiers and we will always win. They will never be able to stop us.

    West face was amazing deep and blower. Who were all those who straifed it?

    That was for you Jimmy for being the lousiest most grumpy to guests, surliest employee in the ski industry.

    Had some great turns but almost not worth it cause of typical squaw pow day s*%t show.

    Check out the flames on squaws fb page about it.

    Poach Squaw forever


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