Squaw Valley Plans To Stay Open Until The 4th of July

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Beautiful conditions today. Image: Yimmers

According to the SF Gate, Squaw Valley plans to stay open until the 4th of July. The resort has received 460″ of snow in 2017, that in just 1.5 months. Colder weather and another strong system is expected to move into the area next week, dropping even more snow. This record year is only getting better and the conditions should be great for some 4th of July fun. Squaw Valley is the second resort to announce its plan to stay open until the 4th of July, along with Mammoth Mountain.

“We are 91 days into our season, and we’re expecting to operate on July 4 and so that means we’re not even halfway done with the season,” said Sam Kieckhefer, a spokesperson for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.

Shredding Squaw Valley Today. Image: Yimmers

Current Conditions At Squaw Valley

  • Overnight Snowfall: 12″
  • 24 Hour Snowfall: 22″
  • 7 Day Snowfall: 85″
  • Snow Base: 252″
  • Season Total Snowfall: 561″

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4 thoughts on “Squaw Valley Plans To Stay Open Until The 4th of July

  1. They are already posting for their operations blog “We will be on windhold July 4th so please come and buy some hot chocolate in our shopping mall instead of skiing. Suckers!”

  2. Operating on July 4th is not the same thing as operating through July 4th. The last time Squaw operated through the month of June (1995), the mountain was a pretty much empty. While I certainly expect that they’ll reopen for the 4th, I would be shocked if they stayed open straight through.

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