Popular Squaw Valley, CA Rental Store Seeking Information For Return of 4 Stolen Mountain Bikes

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stolen, squaw valley, California,
The two perps. Credit: Facebook

A popular winter and summer rental store in Squaw Valley, CA is seeking help from the public to try and recover four mountain bikes that were stolen from their premises over the weekend.

Mtn Mikes Sports is last independent family owned business in Squaw Valley fighting to stay alive during Covid, and these two A-holes stole four of our mountain bikes at midnight last night…any help is most appreciated

– Mtn. Mike’s Sports Facebook

Mtn. Mike’s Sports is the last independent family-owned business in Squaw Valley and are doing all they can to stay alive during COVID-19. Two men broke into their store and stole four mountain bikes valuing many thousands of dollars.

stolen, squaw valley, California,
Making off with a rental bike. Credit: Facebook

The following bikes were stolen, and considering the rush on bikes during the pandemic has created a shortage, expect these high-demand items to show up on some online marketplace pretty soon.

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