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It’s an undeniable fact of life that people love stickers.  And the only thing people love more than stickers is die cut stickers.  Well, there’s a new sticker operation in the Truckee-Tahoe area and they go by the mantra of Stoked4Stickers.  Run by Mike Carr and Sarah Snedaker, is your local alternative to the sticker mongers such as

stoked4stickers grateful dead memorial

Mike is originally from Maine and arrived in Tahoe by way of Alta, Utah, which is where he met his partner in crime Sarah.  They are two snow humans who simply love skiing and, conveniently for Tahoe, love to make stickers.

snowbrains sticker

While you might think you’re going to get stuck with higher prices dealing locally, think again.  At Stoked4Stickers Mike and Sarah serve up the cheapest prices on die cuts around.  When we asked them how they can possible provide their stickers at such a low price, they simply responded “We love making stickers!”

stoked4stickers collage
A few more samples of the work done at Stoked4Stickers

Stickers aren’t the only thing they serve up over at Stoked4Stickers.  They also do custom banners, window graphics, and can help you pimp out your car, truck, boat, or even snowmobile.  No job is too big, no job too small.  Stoked4Stickers will get you what you want and when you need it by.

If you are looking for any sticker related graphics work, Stoked4Stickers is your go to crew.  And stay tuned, they’re looking to expand into the screen printing realm and beyond!

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