Strava Saw an Increase in Skiing by 379%

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The return of winter sports post Covid-19 as international travel to ski resorts is possible again | Picture:

Strava, the American social fitness platform founded in 2009 by Michael Horvath and Mark Gainey, released data from their platform for 2022. Their data showed some interesting trends, such as an increased number of people commuting to work by bike. It also showed this year’s fastest-growing sports. Unsurprisingly, the list features those sports closed to many during lockdowns, like skiing and boarding, and gym activities like weight lifting or stationary cardio exercise.

Skiing saw an increase of 379% compared to last year, and snowboarding increased by 180% on the Strava platform.

Strava data showing an increase in those sports inaccessible to most during the pandemic, such as skiing and boarding | Picture: Strava Website

Their data analysis showed a return of international travel for their users as Strava users uploaded activities outside their home country. The share of athletes uploading activities outside their home country was up 101% over last year, which is only 3% below pre-pandemic numbers from 2019. Strava used data from its UK users to illustrate this point. UK Strava athletes predominantly recorded activity in Spain and France, followed by the US. One must remember that Covid-19 travel restrictions and vaccination requirements still hindered travel to Switzerland or Austria for the 21/22 ski season.

UK strava users
UK user data with regards to activity recorded outside the UK | Picture: Strava Website

Do you use Strava or any other app to track your skiing or boarding? I do not use Strava to track my alpine skiing activity, but I will use Strava for my running or cross-country skiing. Skitracks can be a useful app, but I find it uses too much battery to justify using it all day. What apps do you find helpful for keeping track of your skiing and boarding? Let us know in the comments!

Skitracks is another popular app for keeping track of your skiing | Picture: Julia Schneemann

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  1. Ugh, no wonder the mountains are such a schite show. Social media sucks the literal life out of everything it touches.

  2. I am an IKON pass holder. I use the Palisades Tahoe app when I’m here and the IKON app when at other IKON areas. The Palisades Tahoe app feeds the IKON database, so I can get overall stats there. I use Strava at non-IKON areas and for bike, walk and hiking.

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