Surf Tahoe!

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Surf’s up…Lake Tahoe | Courtesy photo

Riders at normally snow-iconic Tahoe, California broke-out a very different style of board, catching waves upon the area’s famed alpine lake.

Recreation Mecca, Lake Tahoe saw rare surf action recently | Courtesy photo

Surfers took advantage of what local news sources call, “crazy weather” for a rare, wind-generated Monday session.

Wild weather and wipe-outs during surf session, Lake Tahoe | Courtesy photo

By The Numbers:

  • Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America
  • 2nd largest apline lake on Earth
  • Elevation 6224ft
  • Surface area: 191 square miles
  • Max. depth of 1600+ feet
  • Average water temp. in September: 60 degree F
  • Water purity: 99.994 percent (one of the purest large lakes on Earth)

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