Swell Saturday: The Best/Worst Wipeouts from “The Eddie” Big Wave Comp Last Week

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The legendary Eddie Aikau surf competition went down at Waimea, Oahu, Hawaii last week in the biggest surf the comp has ever seen.  This comp has only gone down 9 times in its 31 year history. Waves have to have 20-30 foot faces, and be surfable for an 8 hour window.

Eddie Aikau.
Eddie Aikau.

The line up was full of legends including Kelly Slater, John John Florence, 66-year-old Clyde Aikou (Eddie’s brother), Ross Clarke-Jones, Mark Healy, Peter Mel, Shane Dorian, and many more.

John John Florence, 27, won the whole thing and was honored.

“Today means everything. It’s the biggest accomplishment of my life. I was just stoked to be a part of this event, growing up on the North Shore, watching The Eddies run — and there’s only been a few of them since I’ve been alive — how big the waves were today.” – John John told KHON2

Ferocious wipeouts and heroic rides were the norm yesterday and, of course, Kelly Slater pulled into a heaving barrel that blew minds…


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