How To Tell The Difference Between An East Coast Skier and A West Coast Skier

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Fresh snow for Killington
A good day at The Beast of the East. Photo courtesy of Killington Resort.

Ever since I was pizza-ing and french fry-ing, I’ve been skiing on the Ice Coast. Blaring snow guns, granular ice, and bracing for impact are just a few images that come to mind. It wasn’t until I was nine years old that I got my first taste of West Coast skiing. After that trip out to The Bird, I was forever changed. I couldn’t get enough of the world of endless pow and fat planks that lay beyond the East Coast.

I love both coasts and their mountains for different reasons. Having a boot in both worlds has allowed me to quickly spot a true East Coast skier from a true West Coast skier. So, here are the top five differences between the Beasts of the East and West Coast Best Coasts.

When you’re riding up the lift…

East Coast: “It doesn’t sound good down there *scratchy, granular ice sounds*.”

West Coast: “If the lift stopped here, I could totally jump off into this pow without getting hurt.”

When you’re talking forecasts… 

East Coast: “The snow feels like cement today.”

West Coast: “*gets 6 inches of snow the night before* It’s only dust on crust.”

When you’re buying new skis…

East Coast: “What’s your best all-terrain ski?”

West Coast: “I need nothing less than a 100mm underfoot.”

When there’s ice…

East Coast: “Heard it’s straight ice fields out there today *still attempts to stomp the double backy*.”

West Coast: “Avoid the packed pow dude, it’s looking rough out there.”

When planning a ski vacation…

East Coast: “Let’s go to Colorado!”

West Coast: “I heard Alaska’s the new West.”

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8 thoughts on “How To Tell The Difference Between An East Coast Skier and A West Coast Skier

  1. This East Coaster judges how good a day it is by how much noise the skis make on the snow. I was out West once for the first time on a week-long vacation. No new snow all week. By Thursday conditions started to approach some of the best East Coast conditions. The locals complained how icy it had become.

  2. I was riding the lift one day out West with an East Coaster. He noticed I was eyeing his Carhart Corduroy overalls and jacket. He said “I bet you’re wondering why I wear these?” I said “Yep, I am”. He replied “well, where I come from in the east, when you fall down you don’t slide as far or as fast on the ice if you’re wearing corduroy vs. wearing gortex”. I guess it’s like ski brakes, but for your ass.

  3. The first quip, “When you are riding the lift.” is spot-on. I’ve said this about five times a year here at Snowbird.

  4. East coast skier, ‘enough about me, let’s talk about me.’ ‘I’m doing this project to inspire others to get outdoors…etc etc.’. West coast skier, ‘you got any of that Blue Dream left, I’m out.’

  5. *West coast skiers never seeing ice their lives* what the hell is this hard stuff in the ground bro? * east coast skier skiing ice everyday* ahhh! What a nice day the ice is just white not blue!

  6. West Coast: “It’s really icy today; you can hear the skis when they turn.”
    East Coast: “If it isn’t clear it’s not ice; it’s only hardpack.”

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