Teton Pass Ski Resort, MT Will Be Closed For The 2017/18 Season

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Teton Pass Ski Resort, MT. Image: Missoula Independent

Teton Pass Ski Resort, MT announced that they will not open for the 2017/18 ski season. Since 2010, the three owners of the resort have financial supported another entity in running the resort, but it’s just not possible this season. One of the owners lost their home in the California Wildfires and another lost their business in Florida to the recent hurricanes. We are deeply saddened by this news and are hoping that the resort will once again operate in the future.

The red pin marks the location of Teton Pass Ski Resort, MT. Image: Google Maps

Teton Pass Ski Resort, MT Press Release:

Unfortunately the ski run will not be opening this ski season. The three owners have been willingly subsidising the operations of the hill since 2010, so the local community had a ski run they could use, and we were proud to do this for the local community. This year it’s just not possible. One of the owners has lost their home in the wild fires in California, and another a business in Florida in the recent hurricane. We are just not able to support the hill this year. It is a significant amount of money required to operate, and it’s just beyond our ability this year. We are so proud of Charles and his hard working crew for all the work they have put in over the years, and the professional manner in which they operated the hill, and the countless hours they put in to make it happen for you all. We are so sorry.

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