Teton Range, WY Report: 1 Insanely Fun Run – 13 Pillow Drops & A Backflip

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Report from February 22, 2023

Yesterday, we went for two runs in the Teton backcountry.

Run #1 we skied right on our tracks from the previous day.

We dreamed up a new version of that line from yesterday and went for it.

You can see my old track in the video and the new version was too fun!

6 pillow airs, a backflip, and incredible snow.

Run #2 was a pillow hunt.

We found 13 pillow drops and hucked another backflip all in one run and we were fired up!

We went home happy and early.

Once I got home, I saw the huge forecast for Tahoe…

I packed up, went to bed early and got ready for a big drive to Tahoe the next day.


image: jhavalanche.org, 2/22/23


image: noaa, 2/23/23

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