Teton Range, WY, Report: A Legendary Teton Chute in Stormy Snow & a Broken Ski…

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Report from February 8, 2023

Up and out of the house late yesterday.

Late because it was supposed to snow Tuesday night, but it didn’t…

It was nice to have a slow morning finally.

Then, it started dumping snow in the early morning.

We walked up and skied down two chutes.

The first chute was a classic.

Fox. image: snowbrains

The upper slope had avalanched and was firm up top.

Once we reached the middle and bottom, the avalanche debris only added to the deepness, and skied great.

I still wasn’t quite confident enough to fully open it up in the new snow.

Broke m’ ski! image: snowbrains

The snow was deep in spots, shallow in spots, firm in spots, and wind-pressed in spots.

Unpredictable skiing, but still damn fun.

Chute #2 was more beat up than chute #1, and when I was trying to avoid tracks, I went out to the edge for some fresh – which I know not to do – and I walloped a rock and broke my ski…

Fox. image: snowbrains

C’est la vie!

Great day with good friends.

Thx, Fox, Nate, & Whiteford, for being rad out there.


image: jhavalanche.org, 2/8/23


image: NOAA, 2/9/23


Fox. image: snowbrains
Apres tea. image: snowbrains

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