Teton Range, WY Report: 41″ = The Largest 2-Day Storm Total in Recorded History & High Alpine Wyoming Powder

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Report from January 30, 2023

Yesterday, Owen Leeper & I went up high to greet the sun.

The sun didn’t bring much warmth.

NOAA reports showed wind chills of -50ºF and air temps of -18ºF.

The Golden Orb. image: snowbrains

The Tetons just received the most snow they’ve ever recorded in any 2 day period.

  • 41″ in 48-hours
  • 50″ in 50-hours.
  • 52″ storm total.

“The snowfall received from last Thursday through Saturday is the highest 2-day total on record.” – JHAvalanche.org, 1/31/23


“A deluge of light-density, cold smoke powder snow inundated Jackson Hole and the Tetons beginning on Thursday, January 26 and didn’t stop for roughly three days. During that span, we received 52″ overall, bringing our season total up to 350”. Whenever the portal to powder heaven opens here, it’s a special time. And this storm was all-time, statistically-speaking: per OpenSnow, the 41″ recorded in Rendezvous Bowl between January 28-29 was the highest 48-hour total ever dating back to the winter of 1974-1975!” – Jackson Hole

Dangerous avalanche conditions had us on edge.

Owen ripping pow in the sun. image: snowbrains

We walked up into the alpine and had a look around.

From our experiences the previous day, we knew not to push it.

We skied mellow powder in the sun then walked up again.

Look but don’t touch sparkles. image: snowbrains

Another sun-in-the-eyes pow run and we slipped down in the shadows.

We found shady powder hucks, giggles, and good times.

When I got home, I felt great.

Wyoming cliffs. image: snowbrains

I cleared the snow off my rental car came inside and eventually took off my sock.

My left pinky toe looked kinda black.

Maybe blue?

Taran stoked! image: snowbrains

Not good.

I warmed it up slowly and the dark colors faded away and the affected area became a lighter shade than the rest of my skin.


Booter. image: snowbrains


Do I need to take a day off?

No biggie, but kind of a bummer because I thought I’d survived the cold so well.

Hopefully, it heals up quick.


image: jhavalanche.org, 1/30/23


image: jhavalanche.org, 1/30/23


Owen looking in. image: snowbrains
Owen on the scrambled. image: snowbrains
God’s country. image: snowbrains
Angles. image: snowbrains
Just the tip. image: snowbrains
Jagged rocks. image: snowbrains
Sunshine. image: snowbrains
The Grand Teton. image: snowbrains
Owen grinding. image: snowbrains
Deep, fresh snow. image: snowbrains
Tall cliffs. image: snowbrains
Peak. image: snowbrains
Owen. image: snowbrains
1 nice track. image: snowbrains
Owen staring down a line. image: snowbrains
Big cliffs. image: snowbrains
2 happy tracks (ours). image: snowbrains
More cliffs. image: snowbrains
Avalanche ready. image: snowbrains
Avalanche. image: snowbrains
Owen staring his line into submission. image: snowbrains
Alpine. image: snowbrains
The Grand Teton in post alpenglow. image: snowbrains

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6 thoughts on “Teton Range, WY Report: 41″ = The Largest 2-Day Storm Total in Recorded History & High Alpine Wyoming Powder

  1. What in my personal experince–not my medically qualified opinion–is that Frostbite is cumulative, the body remembers those places that were frozen before and your tolerance for cold diminishes. What do the old men tell the young men? Take care of your feet.

  2. Miles, You are about to discover if you did not know already that Frostbite (the formation of ice crystals and freezing of tissue) is a chronic (that is to say persistant) condition. Stay out of the cold until you can get a medical assessment. Good luck.

    1. Thank you much for the comment. Yes, I have had both before. No fun. This one seems pretty mild and I think I’ll be alright. I’ll keep you posted in my reports. Thanks again. It’s cold!

    2. Thank you again for the advice. I was back out there again and it was all good. What I had was frost nip, not quite frostbite, which is more severe. I took one day off and was out there all day today and it’s all good :). Thanks again

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