The 6 Best Off-Slope Adventures in Salt Lake City, UT

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An incredible Ski City sunset just outside Water Witch bar. photo: snowbrains

We all know that Salt Lake City, UT – aka Ski City – holds badass ski resorts that get large amounts (500+ inches/year) of “The greatest snow on Earth.”  We know that.  What many of us don’t know, is that Salt Lake City is a very hip city with copious amounts of big city entertainment options.  You can ski/snowboard all day, then delve deep into big city life all night.

Here are six of Ski City‘s best options for good times that we experienced personally this year:

Yeah, we already know about this scene in Ski City.  Miles Clark gettin DEEP at Brighton, UT on 12/17/16. image: court leve


Utah Symphony

The famous Chihuly statue at the Utah Symphony’s Abravenal Hall with the Mormon Temple in the backcground. photo: snowbrains

Simply put, the Utah Symphony in Abravanel Hall is mind blowing.  We went this February, saw Motzart’s Requiem, had our minds blown.  We sat in the first row of the 2nd floor balcony.  Just sitting in the front row on the elevated balcony was intimidating.  The railing is only thigh high (so as not to inhibit viewing) giving your adrenal glad a slight squeeze and your brain a hint of vertigo upon sautering in.  Once you settle down and the music hits you, you’re transported to another world.  No amplification here.  Pure sound right off the instruments and vocal cords bouncing off the luxurious room directly into your ears.  I had my eyes closed for half the show.  The experience here is an intense one.  Closing your eyes makes it even more so.  When your eyes are open, they’re racing around from combing the crowd above and below, to ogling the 4 insanely enormous crystal chandeliers, to watching the musicians expertly operate their instruments, to be hypnotized by the conductors violent, swinging movements.  The entire venue is a visual feast.  Oh, and the Chihuly glass blown sculpture in the lobby is AMAZING.  Do not miss the Utah Symphony in Abravanel Hall.  Do not.

Utah Symphony’s Abravanel Hall. stock image


Salt Lake City Library + Salt Lake Roasting Co.

Stock aerial image of the Salt Lake City Public Library.

Yes, we just recommended you go do drugs (caffeine) and read books.  This isn’t your average library.  It’s a work of art unto itself.  Contemporary, stunning architecture dominates your vision and turns on your brain.  Over 500,000 books and many a cozy corner lure you into a reverie you won’t regret.  Before you drop in too deep, grab a delicious cup of coffee at the Salt Lake Roasting Co. located just outside the library doors in Library Square.  Let the caffeine energize your imagination.  Let the stimulating architecture, plethora of tomes, and roof garden take you away.  This library is open every day of the week and entry is free.

Ski City’s library may be the coolest library on Earth… photo: court leve


Utah Jazz NBA Game

Jazz games rock! photo: court leve

Utah Jazz games are a riot.  The crowd is raucous, energized, and friendly.  The mascot, The Jazz Bear, is ridiculous.  The Jazz Bear is common to know to “have no chill.”  He’s running around, throwing flips, slam dunking, harassing fans, causing trouble, jumping through rings of fire, rappelling from the rafters, ripping around on a motorcycle, displaying more athleticism than some Jazz players, suffering numerous serious injuries, all while freaking out and entertaining gaping onlookers.  The stadium isn’t huge, resulting in not a bad seat in the house.  Utahan’s love their Jazz and the vibe is electric.  The Jazz are crushing it this year sitting at 4th place in the NBA as of this writing.  They’re 42-25 and playoff bound.  Go to the game, grab a beer and an Authentic Korean Taco, and be happy.

Tip off at the Jazz game on December 16th, 2016. photo: court leve


Red Iguana Mexican Restaurant

The Red Iguana. image: snowbrains

Do not miss the Red Iguana.  If you do have to miss it, at least hit Red Iguana 2.  The Red Iguana puts out some of the best Mexican food I’ve had anywhere.  Anywhere.  Their secret is their outstanding mole sauce.  It’s chocolatey, spicy, endorphin releasing, and the real-deal.  Get the Puntas De Filete a La Norteña (top sirloin tips sauteed with bacon, jalapeno strips, onions, and fresh tomatoes.  Served atop our almond mole.  Refried beans and tortillas complete this much loved dish) or the Enchiladas Suizas (Two corn tortillas filled with sour cream chicken and avocado, topped with mole poblano and finished with melted jack cheese and a dollop of sour cream).  Make sure you quaff a Damiana Tequila Classico Margarita or two.  Yes, Damiana is an aphrodisiac.  Yes, it’s legal.  Yes, it’s incredible.  We recommend getting the unsweetened, lime juice only no mix, Damiana margarita.  You and your date will thank us later.

See the expression on that girl’s face? Yeah, it’s that good here… photo: snowbrains


Clark Planetarium/Laserium

Clark Planetarium. image: clark planetarium

Remember that crazy, trippy, psychedelic scene in “2001:  A Space Oddessy”?  Yeah, that’s weak sauce next to what this place delivers.  Go to the Clark Planetarium.  See the Pink Floyd and/or Led Zeppelin laser shows.  Have your mind altered.  These shows are intrepid and get more potent every year.  These shows are only $9 and last about 40 minutes.  Helluva deal.

video example of a laser show at Clark


Water Witch

Water Witch mixologist getting into his rhythm. photo: snowbrains

Small.  No frills.  Butcher block bar.  A few tables.  Mural of Salt Lake.  An homage to the 1860’s yacht, the Water Witch.  This place is clean, simple, core.  A speakeasy, if you will, Water Witch delves you into the highest level of Salt Lake’s mixology scene.  The city’s new, young, hip vibe is demanding alternative, whimsical, and classic cocktails.  Water Witch is delivering just that in an easy going, chill atmosphere that can quickly lead to hours of drink testing, relaxing, and gossip.  Beer and wine are served here as well.  Don’t miss the pork rillette crostinis nor pickled peppers.

High class cocktails at Water Witch. photo: snowbrains

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