The Best Lift, Run, Bar, & Restaurant at Solitude, UT

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Fantasy Ridge rocks. photo: miles clark/snowbrains

Solitude ski resort near Salt Lake City, UT – aka Ski City – is the glimmering hidden gem of Utah ski resorts.

The place averages 500″ of snowfall per year, they’ve already seen 403″ of snowfall this season, and they’re sitting on an 135″ snowpack.  And it’s only February 23rd…

Solitude is having one of its best years in recent memory which means this is the year to visit.

This place is famous for being unknown.  Solitude is the right word.  There’s simply no one here…  No lift lines, everyone is smiling, people tell you where the best snow is, Solitude has the best vibe.

Solitude also holds the best kept secret in Utah skiing and riding:  Fantasy Ridge.  Fantasy Ridge involves a knife-edge ridge walk with cables and some big steps accessing absolutely terrifying terrain, awesome terrain, fun terrain, and super mellow terrain.  All the terrain accessed off Fantasy Ridge is great and the snow stays good up here for a long time after a storm and not many make the venture.

When you visit Solitude, you’ll want to hit all its best features.  We’ve compiled a list of Solitude’s best lift, run, bar, and restaurant to keep you on track.

Russ climbing Fantasy Ridge in February 2017. photo: snowbrains



Best Lift:

Summit Express

Solitude trail map with the Summit Express circled.

The Summit Express gives you access to it all:  Honeycomb Canyon, Fantasy Ridge, Brighton ski resort, double black diamonds to the east, double black diamonds to the west, powder everywhere, and there’s no one skiing it…

Fantasy Ridge is pure magic.  The hike is a scary knife-edge ridge with cables that get you puckered.  The snow stays soft and untracked in the steeper terrain but this place has it all:  couloirs, cliffs, wide open bowls, pillows, spines, and plenty of powder.  If you’re up for it, a walk up Fantasy Ridge will change your life.


Best Run: 

Honeycomb Canyon

Miles dropping into some steep Fantasy Ridge powder in February 2017. photo: russ/snowbrains

Honeycomb Canyon is the place to be at Solitude.  You can drop Fantasy Ridge down into Honeycomb down some amazing powder runs.  Or you can drop the Black Forest, Here Be Dragons, or Navarone on the east side of the canyon for some great tree skiing.  If you’re feeling mellow or feeling like a long run, just drop the groomer at the top of Honeycomb and cruise from the top of the mountain to the bottom groovy, curvy, fun, 2,000-vertical-foot ride all the way down.


Best Bar:

The Thirsty Squirrel

The Thirsty Squirrel makes ya happy. photo: snowbrains

The Thirsty Squirrel place is easy going, well decorated, comfy, and full of good vibes.  Big screen TV’s will have the game on and the crowd will be chilled out.

Our bartender, Ryan, was super cool, super local, and stoked on Solitude.  This is what he told us to eat and drink:

  • $3 PBR everyday.
  • $7 PBR & a shot everyday. 
  • $7 Park City Brewery beer & a shot on Tuesdays.
  • $3 Park City Brewery beer on Tuesdays.
  • Best speciality drink:  Black Forest Mule.
  • Eat:  Nachos, Hummus, Wings.
  • Music on Friday nights

Thanks, Ryan.


Best Restaurant:

St. Bernard’s

St. Bernards. photo:

Fireplace, innovative cuisine, frequently changing menu, delectable desserts.  St. Bernard’s is the place to eat at Solitude.  The jam here is European style buffet meals.   The atmosphere is casual and warm in a huge dining room.  The stone fireplace and large windows with views of the mountains make the place pop.

groomers are so fun here. Rolly, curvy, and unpredictable. VIDEO: “Wild Bill” Drops S&S Couloir at Jackson Hole, WY On His 64th Birthday!

No matter where you end up at Solitude, you’re gonna have a ball.

Solitude is home to copious amounts of powder (500″ per year on average), the biggest secret in Utah skiing and riding:  Fantasy Ridge, empty slopes, a mellow local scene, and plenty of lonely good times.

Miles slashing Fantasy Ridge powder in February 2017. photo: russ/snowbrains

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