The 5 Best and Worst States for Climate Change

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Credit:

Climate change is a hot topic for many. Not just skiers, but lawmakers and anyone concerned about our planet.

But how does climate change affect us based on where we live?

That is precisely what Wise Voter set out to answer. Wise Voter publishes information, insights, and tools to help people be informed in the modern age. They ranked each state from best to worst for climate change, based on laws, policies, and behaviors for that state that will help fight climate change. They used 43 metrics, across five key dimensions for their methodology. These dimensions were:

  • Carbon Emissions (energy consumption, changes in CO2 emissions, etc.)
  • Green-tech adoption (EV charging stations, wind, solar, hydro energy, etc.)
  • Landfill Usage (food, individual waste, etc.)
  • Recycling (recycling of plastic, aluminum, glass, batteries, etc.)
  • Green Policies (clean energy, cars, bottle bill, single use plastic bags, etc.)
Where does your state rank? The darker the green, the better the score. Credit:

Below are the five best and worst states for climate change, along with their overall score. The overall score was calculated using a weighted average across all metrics.

Best states for climate change

#1 California – 68.75

#2 Maine – 66.47

#3 New York – 64.55

#4 Vermont – 64.36

#5 Massachusetts – 60.44

Worst states for climate change

#46 Nebraska – 36.37

#47 West Virginia – 35.84

#48 Mississippi – 35.27

#49 Alaska – 32.34

#50 Louisiana – 32.01

You can view the entire list here. Everyone can help limit climate change. The way we travel, the electricity we use, and the food we eat all make a difference. What can you do to make it better?

Fresh tracks are what skiing is all about. Climate change threatens them. Credit:

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  1. Watch the rolling blackouts in CA 3 years from now and you’ll have a different perspective on California’s Climate Change success rate.

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