The Luxury of Skiing Powder at Midnight

Zach Paley |
Powder skiing at midnight. Skier CH

I came down from the mountains after my first session camping to refuel and meet an old friend in Lyngseidet.  We packed the car and headed for the southwest end of the peninsula: the one area I hadn’t gotten to ski much in Lyngen.

Ewok Village

The first evening marked the trend for the rest of the trip. Rain came in earlier that day that quickly changed to snow. We waited for things to start to clear before leaving the car in the early evening.

The southwest end

My buddy put fresh legs to use and took to setting the skin track. Happy to not set the track and feeling like I should be in bed because I knew what time it was (both, for the first time in weeks), I was happy to hang in the back and take some photos.

We topped out in partial clouds, and made pleasantly deep powder turns next to our switchbacks. With the ocean in view, we made it back to the car at 2AM.

Midnight Powder

We slept a few hours before heading back out to ski some more. Clear weather held, and so did the pace for the next several days. Timing wise, my buddy did Lyngen damn well by managing to get such good snow, stability, and weather every day of the trip.

The sobering tongue of an old avalanche
Topping out
More powder, not at midnight. Skier CH
Low tide

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