The Most Unforgettable Ski Trail Names

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Spanky’s Ladder at Whistler Blackcomb. Credit:

Everybody has their favorite ski run. The one that given the right conditions delivers incredible satisfaction.

But what about the trail that stands out just on the name alone? We asked our followers “What’s the weirdest ski trail name you’ve come across?” Below is just a sample of some of their answers. We tried to categorize them as best we could.


Bubble Cuffer, Screaming Cheetah, Vaseline Alley, Spanky’s Ladder, The Fallopian Tubes, Throbulator, Sticky Pajamas, Ballhooter, Swamp Donkey, Chunky Swirley, Teenage Wasteland, Moment of Strudel, Tippecanoe.


Big Doo Doo, Smoka Bowl, Brown Trouser, Bassackwards, Birth Canal, Jabberwocky, Flatulence, Conifers of Narnia, Dilley Dalley Alley, North Dakota Downhill, El Funko, Jack Wacker, Idiot’s Delight, Poop Shoot, Skid Mark.


Exterminator, Organ Grinder, Psychopath, The Sphincter, Deviated Septum, Trench of Terror, Ditch of Doom, Body Bag, Doom and Gloom, Devil’s Backbone, Nasty Gash, Oh God.

Mildly Inappropriate

The Pink and The Stink (side by side chutes), Devil’s Crotch, Cleavage, Glory Hole, Peckerwood, Arnold’s Mistress, Mary’s Nipple, Dick’s Ditch, Pandyfackler, Orgasmatron, The Shaft.

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There are multiple resorts with a trail called Glory Hole. Credit:

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14 thoughts on “The Most Unforgettable Ski Trail Names

  1. Jaws of Death at Mt Snow VT
    Donald Duck at Sugar Bowl CA
    Dilly Dally Alley at Powder Mt Ut
    Bassackwards (initially Ass backwards)
    at Snowbird

  2. the F is for Fail- then it’s not “weird, funny, scary or mildly inappropriate”

  3. Bubblecuffer-, Named for the bubbles that bubble up around the cuffs of the rivermans pants. also one bad ass trail at the Loaf

  4. T Ferguson, please explain what you are talking about? A Bukkake Bowl is a noodle dish, I know. It also happens to be the name of a run at Rusutsu. Rusutsu is a nice place to ski, my parents took me there in 2019. We had so much fun.

  5. “the F is for Fail ‘Bukkake Bowl @Rusutsu, Japan.'” A Bukkake Bowl is literally a regional noodle dish, but nice fetish bro.

  6. Love that Dilley Dalley Alley at Ski Lookout Pass ID – MT was included. Also really like the name Purgatory on our steep Chair 3 section. Got some real good ones here. Shared on our FB page.

  7. Big Honkers & Pucker Cheeks @Mt. Baker
    Harry Beaver @Mad River Glen
    Bukkake Bowl @Rusutsu, Japan

  8. You left off a couple very important classics.
    The Nuns Cunt at Alpine meadows
    Glizzy Gobbler at Nub’s Knob

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