The New Lone Peak Tram at Big Sky Resort, MT, Will Charge Per Ride Rather Than Per Day

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The new Lone Peak Tram will have many benefits. Credit: Big Sky Resort

The new Lone Peak Tram at Big Sky Resort, MT, is highly anticipated. Skiers and snowboarders are looking forward to it opening for the 2023-24 season. The tram offers the only lift-served access to 1,200 acres of expert terrain. To access this terrain otherwise requires a 45-minute boot pack. Along with the new tram will come significant changes in how it operates.

The new tram will accommodate 75 passengers, a fivefold increase from the current capacity of 15. The more spacious cabins will allow easier loading and shorter wait times.

However, the most significant change may be the cost changing from per-day access to new per-ride access.

The rate for each ride will be posted daily and vary depending on snow conditions, open trails, weather, and visibility. The rate will not change throughout the day. Big Sky believes these changes to how it is accessed will make for a better experience as guests explore the top of Lone Mountain.

Big Sky trail map

This will make the tram more accessible to more guests, as most only ride the tram once or twice a day. It also takes the pressure of feeling you must lap the tram all day since you paid for the access.

big sky lone peak
Rendition of the new cabin. Credit: Big Sky Resort

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What about unlimited access?

There are options for those wanting unlimited tram access, as season passes for next season are on sale now. The Gold + Ikon Base and Gold passes have unlimited access to the Lone Peak Tram. Additionally, the Double Black pass includes 25 skier/snowboarder rides and ten scenic rides for the season.

Big Sky insists that the increased capacity will not overrun the peak. Ski patrol plans to manage capacity daily depending on snow quality, weather, and terrain accessibility. The goal is to preserve the conditions while prioritizing the safety of guests.

The more affordable entry cost of the new per-ride system is a big win for riders visiting Big Sky. It may even be financially better for the resort as more people are likely to pay for a ride that would have otherwise not bought the daily access. Win-win.

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