The Resort Triangle Trail in North Lake Tahoe, CA, is Now Halfway Completed… After 18 Years of Work

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Ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate completion of Martis Valley segment of Resort Triangle Trail
Ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Martis Valley segment of the Resort Triangle Trail. pc:

Mission (Halfway) Accomplished

You’re halfway done, congratulations. For a complicated project like the one you have been working on for more than 18 years, that’s a serious accomplishment. And a good reason to celebrate as work finished on the trail segment connecting the town of Truckee, CA, to Northstar Drive. It also signified an important milestone, the halfway point to completing the Resort Triangle Trail (RTT).

Map of proposed Resort Triangle sedments, including Martis Valley Trail
Map of the proposed Resort Triangle, including the Martis Valley Trail segment (purple). pc: sierrasun1

The RTT is a planned 62-mile contiguous loop of trails around majestic North Lake Tahoe, CA. The multi-use, paved trails will eventually connect the town of Truckee with King’s Beach and Tahoe City on the north shore of the lake. The three communities form a triangle on the map, and thus its name.

Resort Triangle in North Lake Tahoe.
Future Plans for the Resort Triangle Trail in North Lake Tahoe, CA. pc: northtahoebusiness

A Popular Area

These corridors were already very popular among outdoor enthusiasts for their opportunities to paddle, hike, bike, fish, cross country ski, star gaze, and camp. So the trail system came from the idea to enhance public access through these areas while also trying to preserve the natural environment and community. When completed, the paved trails will be set back from the roads to ensure safety and help maximize the quality of the experience.

Information about development plans suggests RTT plans to locate and restore access to critical watersheds and wetlands, identify staging areas and trailheads, support three campgrounds, and protect the property rights of landowners. Indigenous Washoe Tribe members also served as advisors in the planning, sharing their rich history in order to preserve cultural resources, and convey their stories.

Start of Martis Valley Trail heading south.
Start of the Martis Valley Trail heading south. pc: tahoemountainsports
Biking on the Resort Triangle
Biking on the Resort Triangle Trail. pc: yourtahoelife

Collaboration and Partnerships

The project was made possible through collaboration between Placer country and Northstar Community Services District and includes partnerships with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Truckee Donner Land Trust, and Northstar California / Vail Resorts.

In an interview with the Sierra Sun, Northstar Community Services District general manager Mike Staudenmayer has this to say about the project:

I am ecstatic to see the trail’s completion and pleased that it goes through such a beautiful portion of the Martis Valley. There was a time when we feared the trail would run alongside Highway 267 and thankfully better minds prevailed. I look forward to watching generations to come enjoy the nature that surround this pathway.”

Commenting on the vision for the project, District 5 Supervisor and Board Chair Cindy Gustafson proclaimed:

Today represents one more leap forward towards achieving the Resort Triangle trails network. Our vision for a 62-mile loop that connects all of the destinations in our region is a huge endeavor and the progress we make must be celebrated to encourage our next generation to champion the cause.

Sunset on Martis Valley Trail
Sunset on the Martis Valley Trail. pc: tahoemountainsports

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  1. 18 years and millions of dollars. Thank all the enviro’s that got in the way of progress. Think of what the next 18 years of accomplishments Californians will produce

  2. Resort triangle Trail? I’ve lived in Tahoe City for the last 46 years and I’ve never heard of such a trail or the idea of this trail.

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