The Woodward Copper Barn is the Ultimate Indoor Playground

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The Barn from outside. Image: Woodward Copper

For flips, tricks or just a jump on a trampoline, The Woodward Copper Barn has it all. This 19,400 square foot facility comes complete with Olympic-grade trampolines, foam pits, ramps to foam, and multiple skate areas. This place isn’t just for the pros. Any age or ability level can take advantage of what the Barn has to offer.

The Barn’s Layout. Image: Woodward Copper

The Barn’s Stats:

  • 19,400 Square Foot Indoor Facility
  • Opened In 2008
  • (5) Olympic-Grade Flybed Trampolines
  • (1) 14′ x 14′ Super Tramp
  • (4) Foam Pits
  • (1) Skate Bowl
  • (2) Mini Skate Ramps
  • (1) Skate Street Course
  • (1) Skate Pump Track
  • (5) Indoor Jumps
  • (1) Trampoline Harness System
  • (1) 18′ Tumble Track
  • (1) 54′ x 22′ Spring Floor
Skiing at the Barn. Image: Tripp Fay
Burton ParkBoard™ . Image: Tripp Fay

In 2012, Woodward teamed up with Burton Snowboards to perfect Woodward’s patented Burton ParkBoard™ indoor snowboard. This snowboard is crucial to enabling individuals to learn and progress throughout the summer, instead of regressing with the extensive time off the snow. The ParkBoard was designed to ride on Skatelite, which is the same surface that is used in skateparks around the world. This board allows riders to experience a snow-like ride, while allowing for indoor riding when snow conditions don’t permit. Even when there is snow, the Burton ParkBoard is a great way to progress in an indoor environment that decreases the risk of injury throughout the progressionary stages.

The Bowl. Image: Tripp Fay
Red Bull Mini Ramp. Image: Tripp Fay
Indoor street skating area. Image: Tripp Fay

If you’re looking to improve your skateboarding skills, The Barn is the place to do it. There is a wide variety of skating options including: indoor street skating, a bowl, a pump track, and skate ramps. All of which are great to enhance your skills on. If you’re on a budget, but still looking to improve your skateboarding skills, The Cage is for you. It includes a large area to skate, a retail shop, a nice lounge, and plenty of room to hang out with your friends. The best part is that it is only $5 to skate all day or FREE with any purchase.

Bobby Brown on the trampoline. Image: Tripp Fay
Plenty of room to train. Image: Tripp Fay

If Bobby Brown is training at Woodward Copper, you can be assured that is a credible place to enhance your ability. The Barn has 5 Olympic-grade trampolines, another large trampoline, and a harness all for your benefit. Training on these trampolines isn’t just for the summer either, it’s a great way to practice a trick mid-winter before taking it to the snow.

Foam pit jump. Image: Tripp Fay
Progression on the mini ramp. Image: Tripp Fay

The Burton ParkBoard™ and a facility like this is the perfect combination to enhance your skills all year round. The Barn has jumps and ramps that are very similar to those that you will encounter on the mountain, which enables your progression in The Barn to translate to your performance on the snow. If you’re looking to enhance your skills and have a great time doing so, head to The Barn at Woodward Copper.

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