These Are All The New Chairlifts Being Installed in the Northeast This Year

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Photo: Sunday River Resort

After a slump in lift installations during the pandemic, there are a ton of new projects this year and it can be hard to keep track of them. Here are most of the significant (non-beginner) lift installations and expansions happening on the East Coast this year.



New lift: Sunrise Express

Photo: Stowe Mountain Resort

Stowe has seen a surge in popularity in the last few years, mainly due to the Epic Pass. Vail is stepping up and replacing the dated Mountain Triple with a brand new high-speed six chair. This upgrade should ease congestion at the nearby Fourrunner Quad and offer faster access to intermediate and advanced terrain on storm days when the Fourrunner Quad is on wind hold.

Mount Snow

New lifts: Sundance Express, Sunbrook Express, Heavy Metal Triple

Mount Snow’s two new lifts signify its biggest lift upgrades in years. The long overdue Sunbrook high-speed quad will allow quick laps on south-facing runs on the popular backside of the mountain, significantly reducing ride time over its predecessor. The similarly named Sundance Express replaces the Tumbleweed and Sundance triple chairlifts, and it offers a compelling alternative to the often-crowded main base area. Both lifts will offer mostly intermediate terrain. The Heavy Metal double chairlift is also being upgraded with triple chairs, likely from the old Sundance and Tumbleweed chairlifts.

Magic Mountain

New lift: Black Line Quad

Black Line in 2020 (photo: Snowbrains)

Magic’s black line quad has been in the works for about five years now and has suffered delays, but this year will hopefully be different. The lift is base to summit, and when complete will offer 1,500 vertical feet of intermediate and advanced skiing, relieving crowds from the nearby 50-year-old Red double chairlift.

New Hampshire

Waterville Valley

New lift: Tecumseh Express

Photo: Waterville Valley Resort

Waterville Valley’s new six-pack bubble chair is going to be a luxurious upgrade from the three-decade-old White Peaks high-speed quad. The new chair will take over as the new base-to-summit lift at Waterville, offering 1,600 vertical feet of mostly intermediate and advanced skiing. The new lift is also the first ever detachable built by MND ropeways in the US.


New lift: Seven Brothers Express

Photo: Loon Mountain Resort

Loon has shifted the old Kancamagus Express Quad to replace the Seven Brothers triple chair. This should heavily relieve the nearby four-person gondola, which has a low capacity and is often plagued with long lines. Seven Brothers provides access to upper mountain lifts and directly serves novice and intermediate skiing.


New lift: Progression

Photo: Attitash Mountain Resort

Attitash is replacing the old double-double with a quad chairlift. This lift serves all types of terrain and provides a link from the main base area toward the Bear Peak side of the resort.


Sunday River

New lift: Jordan 8

Photo: Sunday River Resort

Jordan 8 is a very significant lift for Sunday River. Not only is it the first 8-pack in the East, but it also serves as a springboard for future expansion into the Western Reserve in the coming decades. The new lift will have bubbles which will undoubtedly be frequently in use in Maine’s climate. The new lift is also more wind resistant than its predecessor. It services mostly intermediate and advanced terrain in the Jordan Bowl area of the resort.

New York


New lift: Whiteway Express

Photo: Windham Mountain

Whiteway is a beginner lift, but importantly offers easy access to the East Peak area of Windham, which has more challenging terrain and is popular for those looking to escape the crowds of the main base area. The new lift is remarkably short for a high-speed lift, at just 1,700 feet in horizontal length, and just under 400 vertical feet.



New lift: Black Bear 6

Photo: Camelback Resort

Black Bear 6 replaces the Sullivan Express and is the second-longest lift at the resort. It runs 660 vertical feet (nearly base to summit) and services most of the resort’s terrain, which is primarily novice and intermediate. The new lift has bubbles, which are arguably overkill for Pennsylvania but will be nice on windy days.

Blue Mountain

New lift: Main Street Express

Blue’s new lift replaces the Main Street and Burma chairs but starts far lower on the mountain. The new version of Main Street runs base to summit with roughly 1,000 vertical feet of drop, and it mostly serves intermediate terrain.

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  1. While Alpha lift serves the Alpha beginner trail, it also is used to access a terrain park and get to other lifts (lift 4 and 5) that serve upper slopes and the east side of the mountain.

  2. You need to add Greek Peak’s replacement of the ancient (+50 years) single speed Alpha double with a multi speed triple. The upgrade will ease loading for beginners, reduce stop and starts and hopefully cut weekend lift lines. This lift serves beginner terrain and its replacement is a big deal for this place, which has been on a snow making spending spree the last few years.

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