The Top 10 DEEPEST Snowpacks In North America Right Now:

Chris Wallner | | WeatherWeather
12/20 at Mt Baker, WA. Image: Mt Baker Facebook Page

While it may not be a great start to the ski season everywhere in North America, it’s definitely DEEP in places. Some resorts have over a 100″ base and it’s not even January yet.

Top 10 Deepest Snowpacks in North America:

Opening weekend at Alpental. Image: Alpental Facebook Page

1. Alpental, WA: 107″

2. Mt Baker Ski Area, WA: 106″

Cypress Mountain on 12/20. Image: Jessica Payne

3. Cypress Mountain, BC: 80″

4. Grand Targhee, WY: 76″

Grouse Mountain, Yesterday. Image: @design.melrose

5. Grouse Mountain, BC: 73

6. Mt. Seymour, BC: 69

Stevens Pass, WA on 12/21. Image: Jake Martinez

7. Jackson Hole, WY:  67″

8. Stevens Pass, WA: 64″

Mammoth Mountain, CA on 12/22. Image: Mammoth Facebook Page

9. Whistler Blackcomb, BC: 62″

10.  Mammoth Mountain, CA: 60″

Jackson Hole on Xmas Day 2017. image: jackson hole/chris figenshaw

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9 thoughts on “The Top 10 DEEPEST Snowpacks In North America Right Now:

  1. Alpental’s numbers for the peak always seem inflated. According to the NWAC there’s 72″ at mind mountain. A 32″ difference between mid mountain and the peak seems pretty unlikely.

    1. A 1000 foot difference between mid mountain and the peak can make a huge difference. 54″ – 72″ – 104″ is completely within reason.

      1. Yeah man I don’t know about that. Considering the way snow levels and precipitation have behaved this year it’s highly unlikely. No where else in the state at similar elevations has numbers like that and it’s not like Alpental is in some magic snow bubble. The numbers for the top of Alpental are always suspiciously high. I suspect snow tends to get transported to where they take their measurements.

        1. Ya there’s really not that much snow at Alpy..I wouldn’t trust the #s. Way less core shots over at Steven’s Pass or Crystal.

  2. The forecast for 2016-17 was that the Pacific Northwest is going to get most of the snow and the Sierras very little. The reality was that we got Mondo snow in Mammoth and PNW a lot less. Is this season 2017-18 the one that were seeing two years ahead of time? Nonetheless, we seem to have gotten our share as usual. The 11000+ always has the privilege!

  3. The persistent blocking ridge parked off the West Coast may cause some locations in the Pacific Northwest and California to see all time record low snowfall totals for the month of December. Not Good for winter enthusiasts, or the environment

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