Top 9 Resorts in North America, According to ChatGPT

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According to a chatbot, Whistler Blackcomb is the best ski resort in North America. Credit: Christie Fitzpatrick via Whistler Blackcomb’s Facebook.

Articles listing the top resorts in North America are a dime a dozen. Everybody has an opinion, from professional skiers to parkrats to weekend warriors. But what about our future technological overlords… has anybody asked them for their opinion?

Not until now. We asked ChatGPT, the natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations with a chatbot, currently creating a buzz online, what it thought. Here is its reply… what do you think?

SnowBrains: What are the top 9 ski resorts in North America?

ChatGPT: Here are 9 of the top ski resorts in North America, based on various factors such as terrain, snow quality, lift infrastructure, and overall experience:

#9 – Big Sky Resort, MT

#8 – Lake Tahoe, CA

#7 – Palisades Tahoe, CA

#6 – Vail, CO

#5 – Jackson Hole, WY

#4 – Breckenridge, CO

#3 – Aspen Snowmass, CO

#2 – Park City, UT

#1 – Whistler Blackcomb, BC

It’s important to note that these are some of the most popular ski resorts and there are many others with unique and exceptional offerings. The best ski resort for a person will depend on their individual preferences and skiing style.

Not a bad list, and it looks similar to many of the other previously mentioned lists. There are a couple of hiccups; Lake Tahoe has many ski resorts (including #7, Palisades Tahoe), but I agree, as an area, it deserves to be up there. And the AI returned Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, clearly unaware the resort had changed its name to Palisades Tahoe in September 2021).

For fun, I also asked, ‘who would win the ski pass wars? Epic or Ikon?” to which it replied:

As a language model Al, I don’t have the ability to predict the outcome of business competition. Both Epic and Ikon are popular ski pass options and the winner of the “war” will depend on various factors such as market trends, consumer preferences, and company strategy. It’s important to note that competition can drive innovation and benefit consumers by providing more options and better experiences.

Talk about sitting on the fence!

The top 9 resorts in North America, according to ChatGPT.

Who will win the ski pass war?

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7 thoughts on “Top 9 Resorts in North America, According to ChatGPT

  1. This must be a lost made by a malfunctioning AI who only goes by hash-tagged photos. In what universe could Brecken-fridge (where’s its cold and windy but at least it’s flat and boring) be #3. Not to mention they then put vail(best loft access powder bowls in Colorado) at #6. Lay off the edibles before you make lists guys.

  2. The mega ski passes are meant to drive real estate and associated business. Lift access is a lost leader. It’s not good for skiers, or the industry in the medium to long run.

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