Town of Truckee Sets Goal of 100% Renewable Electricity and Energy

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Beautiful Truckee River, photo from Facebook 

“Truckee’s commitment to 100 percent clean energy including electricity, heating, and transportation is good for our community and our planet.  Our town is on the front lines of climate change and we understand how serious this is.  Reducing our emissions will create jobs and long-term economic sustainability as we uphold our responsibility as stewards of the environment.” Truckee Mayor, Morgan Goodwin.

Truckee has been an eco-conscious town, implementing regulations like the plastic bag ban, before the California state-wide mandatory ban. At a Town Council meeting in June, staff adopted a resolution titled “Truckee’s Continued Commitment to Climate Action”. The public comments were highly encouraging of this resolution. Shortly after, the Sierra Nevada Alliance approached Truckee with a higher challenge: establish renewable energy and make significant greenhouse gas emission reductions. After five months of careful consideration, town staff presented Resolution 2017-58 at a town meeting on November 28.

The Resolution establishes three goals: 100% renewable electricity by 2030, 100% renewable energy by 2050, and 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. The Truckee Town Council unanimously voted in favor of the resolution.

Aerial shot of Downtown Truckee from Tahoe-local company Drone Promotions

Truckee will now join 50 other US cities that have made the same or similar commitments. Some others include San Francisco, Taos, Salt Lake City, Boulder, Portland, Breckenridge, and South Lake Tahoe. Among these 50 cities, three have already completed their goals: Aspen, Colorado (in 2015), Rock Port, Missouri (in 2008), and Greensburg, Kansas (in 2013).

Truckee will begin to explore its options for implementing the Resolution in 2018, as staff revises the town’s General Plan. From the town: “Staff has received direction from council to make climate policy a priority in that process due to the overlap between planning for climate change and planning for our town’s future.” Truckee will be looking for “extensive community involvement” to carry out its goal of 100%.

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3 thoughts on “Town of Truckee Sets Goal of 100% Renewable Electricity and Energy

  1. The infrastructure for 100% green energy doesn’t exist, given the glacial pace that
    Solar , wind and other renewable energy
    Sources are being developed it seems unreasonable that In 12 years 100 % of all available energy sources will be petroleum free . Truckee gets all of its power from a coal powered plant in Nevada .

  2. If you do the math your power bills are going to soar. You will have to chose between eating and paying your power bill. I’m not making this up. They tried this in Europe and Australia and now they are back pedaling. Being green can be very expensive.

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