Avalanche Tragedy! Snowboarder Dies in Baguales, Argentina

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Baguales, Argentina, Avalanche
Skiing and snowboarding are practiced at the Baguales complex, 60 kilometers from Bariloche. Credit: NevaSport

An avalanche caused the death of one person on the afternoon of Tuesday last week. The tragedy occurred in the exclusive Baguales Ski Resort located in Argentina at the Lake Guillelmo between Bariloche and El Bolsón.

Two persons were rescued from the snow but only one survived. The victim identified as Carlos Agustín Crupi was snowboarding and died of suffocation as a result of the avalanche.

Baguales, Avalanche, Freedom
Skiing in the midst of freedom. Credit: RevistaAIARE

Unlike traditional ski resorts, it has no lifts. Visitors ride in snow vehicles and then slide down open tracks.

As confirmed by the Minister of Tourism of Río Negro, Martha Vélez, Baguales didn’t receive the authorization to operate this season. In the framework of the pandemic and quarantine, the only Ski Resort that was enabled to operate in Bariloche was Cerro Catedral.

The authorizations of the Ski Resort expire annually in Argentina and to Baguales wasn’t granted this 2020. They presented all the environmental impact studies this year, but they weren’t renewed due to the all restrictions for COVID-19.

Baguales, Avalanche
To the south of Lake Guillelmo, the road to the complex opens. Credit: RioNegro

Carlos Crupi would have been skiing in an area that was affected by the high temperatures of the last three days.

“The sun always destabilizes the layers of snow. The heat of the day loosened it and as they passed it came off”

– Explains a mountain guide in the area.

Carlos Cupri would have gone to hit some trees where he found death, according to what has been revealed. At first, a rumor was spread that he had died of suffocation. Now it isn’t ruled out that the blows could also have been fatal.

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