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“Project Zero’s mission is to reduce avalanche fatalities and promote a responsible backcountry experience. This ground-breaking North American industry collaboration between avalanche forecast centers, educators, equipment manufacturers, industry associations and non-profits formed under the far-reaching vision to ‘Reduce Avalanche Fatalities to Zero.’ While lofty, this statement sets a vision that can only happen through broad collaboration towards cultural, infrastructure and educational changes in how we manage avalanche risks.” More info about this project can be found here:

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December 9, 2014 by Rachel Reich
Building a Loving Relationship with Your Special Little Friend

By Rob Coppolillo

Sure, she nags you and won’t quiet down, but it’s only because she cares. Ladies, he tells you where to go because he just wants you to get there faster. Your boyfriend or girlfriend? Hardly – we’re talking avalanche beacons, folks, and we’re here to help you get along with yours. Turns out they’re delicate and sometimes finicky, perhaps like your current significant other, but unlike that five-star fling you met on Tinder, your avy beacon can save your life. Or your buddy’s. Read on!

Transceiver Monogamy: Where It’s At

First off, players, it’s time to settle down. Sure, sampling the field has its allure, but when it comes to building a long-term thing, make a careful choice, then commit. The best way to become proficient with your beacon is to get to know all its features, its quirks (every brand has them), practice, practice some more, and get dialed with it. While it’s easy to grow tempted by other models, when it comes to avalanche safety, sticking with solid partners – in this case, your beacon – is the way to go.

As long as you’ve purchased a quality unit, all it takes is consistent practice to become fast and competent. Pieps’s DSPs, Ortovox’s 3+ and S1+, Mammut’s Pulse and Element; or my favorites, the Backcountry Access (BCA) Trackers; are all great products, just to name the most popular brands. Compare their displays and features, and see which one’s for you, then stick with it and get dialed.

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