VIDEO: Truffle Pigs – Travis Rice and Chris Rasman Drop Trailer to Another Epic Movie

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If there is anything we have learned from Travis Rice and his many video projects, it’s that he keeps them under wrap until launch, and to never expect the same thing twice, writes Transworld SNOWboarding.

Each film he puts his name behind builds upon the previous season’s production. Where The Fourth Phase introduced a scientific and environmental component, last season’s Depth Perception allowed the opportunity to further examine the intricacies of the cast and their environment.

Travis Rice, quiksilver
Credit: Quiksilver

So, while we expect Truffle Pigs to remain shrouded in a bit of mystery until launch, we can also be confident that whatever Travis and Chris Rasman have cooked up will be both bursting with character, and loaded with the high-velocity riding that both are revered for.

Sit back, enjoy the above trailer, and stay tuned for more information on the full film’s launch, coming soon.

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