Trip Report: 3 Chutes, 6 Buddies, 1 Damn Wet Creek Crossing on 12,054′ White Mountain, CA

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Da Crew on White Mountain, CA! image: snowbrains

Report from May 20, 2022

On Friday, we went back to White Mountain to ski the chutes we didn’t ski on Wednesday.

We went straight to the far ridge and booted right up to 12,000′.

We dipped into Yosemite National Park and didn’t even pay the entrance fee…

12,054′ White Mountain, CA – North Chutes Details:

  • Summit:  12,054′
  • Vertical from car:  we each climbed & skied 3 chutes this day for 3,000-vertical-feet
  • Vertical skied:  2,700′ 
  • Pitch at steepest point:  45º+
  • Aspect:  North
  • Distance:  8-miles round trip
  • Time from car to summit:  3 hrs to top of 1st Chute (One Wall)
  • Car to car time:  6 hrs 45 mins
  • Recommended Equipment:  crampons, ice axe, skins
  • Additional Notes:  This zone is composed of a myriad of short, steep chutes/runs from about 400-vertical-feet up to 1,000-vertical feet – pick what you want to ski then boot up and ski down

We skied One Wall Chute first and it was crispy, corny, and fun.

We then ripped right back up the ridge.

I went down and had a look at the very scary Shift Chute that we skied and had some mayhem in last year.

It was more filled in than last year making it one chute instead two as it was last year.

But it was firm, scary, extremely no fall zone and I was alone…

I quickly balked and walked back to UFC, friends, and safety.

skied down User Friendly Chute (UFC) which has a fun techy choke near the bottom right now.

After UFC, we loped across the dry southern edge of the valley back to the near ridge for a quick ski down and out.

Normal Chute on the near ridge skied excellently.

We high-fived, hugged, and a snack and started the 1 hour boot-scoot-boogie home.

The last thing we had to do before the car was run across the creek…

Back when I spent 4 seasons in a row in Japan (2012-2015) we used to cross creeks all the time.

Booter. image: snowbrains

The technique is to buckle your boots all the way, run, throw high knees, stomp straight down, and keep moving.

This technique worked great for me.  

I got almost no water in my boots.

Garret slash in UFC. image: snowbrains

Garret put on a show and lost a binding piece in the river and Andy sacrificed his boots and saved it.

Everyone else delivered high-quality entertainment and we were all rolling.

We all got a little wet, but we were only about 5-minutes from the car at this point.

Garret up. image: snowbrains

Most of us hit Mobile Mart for apres ski fish tacos and they were exquisite – as per usual. 

Good times with great friends in the stunning white granite of the High Sierra.

Thanks, California!

Photos in Chronological Order

Tioga Pass, CA. image: snowbrains
Nate headed in . image: snowbrains
Garret finds a new home. image: snowbrains
Gorgeous here. image: snowbrains
Greggy crossing while Jon hopes the snow bridge fails… image: snowbrains
Stunning. image: snowbrains
Jon tangled up and blue on White Mountain. image: snowbrains
Sublime. image: snowbrains
Up! image: snowbrains
Mini stream. image: snowbrains
Garret getting close. image: snowbrains
Garrent and Nate slogging up. image: snowbrains
Garret and Andy up image: snowbrains

Nate on top. image: snowbrains
Steep booter. image: snowbrains
Nate on One Wall. image: snowbrains
Garret with a true summit. image: snowbrains
The Andy Hays. image: snowbrains
Nate makes a rainbow. image: snowbrains
Jon. image: snowbrains
Greggy about to drop UFC. image: snowbrains
Garret slash in UFC. image: snowbrains
Da crew. image: snowbrains
Grinding up and out. image: snowbrains
Andy. image: snowbrains
Near ridge. image: snowbrains
Headed home. image: snowbrains
Grooving home. image: snowbrains
Mt. Dana. image: snowbrains
Parking lot gear explosion. image: snowbrains
World Famous Mobile Mart fish tacos. image: snowbrains
Garret, Greggy, and Jon like it. image: snowbrains

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