Tuckerman Ravine, Mt. Washington, NH – Still Kicking!

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TIme for Tucks


New England is known for it’s seasonality. Cold, dark, long Winters – hot humid Summers – wet yet beautiful and rejuvenating Springs – and spectacular Falls with crisp air and bright leaves. However, the month of June falls by the wayside a bit. June is not known for anything special. Most plants are in the ground by now, spring is transitioning to summer, but the heat has yet to fully arrive. So what should June in New England be known for? I say, June should be known as the month to get in your last turns for the season!

Mount Washington and the Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire feel more like Colorado than the rest of the North East. With large areas above treeline and recorded snow in every month of the year, this range is full on. Tuckerman Ravine in particular often holds snow late into the summer months.

Limited snow, but still steep! [Photo: Aaron RIce, Pictured: Cyril Brunner, Mike Gadomski]
Limited snow, but still steep! [Photo: Aaron RIce, Pictured: Cyril Brunner, Mike Gadomski]
As you pass by the Québécois and the tourist up from the cities, they all ask were you are going and then tell you that you are crazy. To which I like to respond that, in fact we are doing the same thing. We are both just heading out for a hike on a beautiful day, I just happen to be bringing skis. So if you need some motivation to go ski in June, just plan a hiking trip to Mt. Washington and bring your skis

looking down a very thin Chute.
looking down a very thin Chute.

The approach is easy. a quick 2-3mile hike from Pinkham Notch and you are at the base of the bowl. On what was only an okay year for Tucks, there was still about 500 vertical feet and 4-6 lines to choose from on June 7th!

sluice [Photo: Cyril Brunner, Skier: Aaron Rice]
Left gully was holding on to a small disconnected tongue of snow.

dirty tracks
dirty tracks [Photo: Aaron Rice, Skier: Cyril Brunner]
Chute had the longest continuous strip of snow, but took a bit of skiboot-rockaneering to make it through the little crevasse at the choke.

chute [Photo: Cyril Brunner, Skier: Aaron Rice]
chute [Photo: Cyril Brunner, Skier: Aaron Rice]
Sluice was the runner up for best line after chute. An even pitch top to bottom, a little kicker over a cliff and some fun glacial runnels at the bottom.

Carving up that corn on sluice looking across to right gully and chute [Photo: Cyril Brunner, Rider: Emily Peck]
some more sluice action [Photo: Cyril Brunner, Skier: Sarah Galallee]

dirt? [Photo: Cyril Brunner, Skier: Amanda Carmellini]
If you still haven’t made it up to Tucks now is the time. June is the best month in New England to go out for a hike on a beautiful day and tag you skis along with you to get in those last turns of the season!



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