UK Ski Resort Welcomes Country’s First Avalanche Dog

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Glenshee Ski Centre in Scotland has welcomed a new team member, meet Bodie the border collie. Bodie is the very first dog to ever join a ski patrol team in the United Kingdom, and she’s accomplished this feat following an incredible story.

Bodie has been part of the Glenshee ski Centre team since she was just a pup. She was adopted by Ski Patroller Kate Hunter and has been running around the ski area accompanying Kate on her daily duties his whole life. He loves running behind Kate while she patrols the mountain and especially loves hanging out in the cafe, her favorite spot on the mountain.

Out on patrol! SNWS

One day, Bodie was following Kate on her daily patrols when she went missing. A search effort was conducted immediately. 2 days later they found her buried in a hole under the snow. They dug her out immediately and she was miraculously unharmed.

Following Bodie’s rescue, she started training to become a rescuer herself. Bodie trained with the Search & Rescue Dog Association Scotland. The organization normally works with police dogs, Bodie was the first dog trained specifically for avalanche rescue.  She not only passed the training and tests, but she also flourished. She instantly became an extremely valuable asset to the Glenshee Ski Center.


Rescue practice! SNWS

Bodie works at incredible speeds, covering four to six miles an hour. She is able to find someone buried under snow much faster than human search personnel. Her owner Kate as well as the whole ski patrol department are extremely impressed.

“Her nose is worth a million transceivers sometimes. It’s just incredible.”

Kate Hunter Speaking with SWNS

Bodie continues to protect and serve the skiing public. Make sure to say hello if you see her on the mountain!

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