Valley Uprising: Yosemite’s ROWDY Rock Climbing Revolution

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I just watched this trailer and it makes we wanna do something crazy.  I feel a bit of pride as well that the big wall revolution and the modern rock climbing comes from Yosemite, California.

As skiers and riders, we can relate to these guys, can’t we?  “Living on the fringes of society,” “Storming the castle,”  “Not caring about the status quo.”

Well, maybe modern day ski bums can’t exactly understand, but the original ski bums of the 60s and 70s certainly could.  

There are more than just a few parallels between rock climbing culture, ski and snowboard culture, and surf culture.  We all just wanna do our thing, and we’re willing to pay the ultimate price to do it.

This movie took 6 years to make it documents the rock climbing revolution that occurred in Yosemite, California beginning in the 60s and continuing into modern day.

We’re lookin’ forward to this one.

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 12.22.32 AMOh, by the way, we’re thinking of starting CragBrains for climbing.  Sound interesting to you, or not?


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