VIDEO: 1st Ever Wakeboard Triple Flip

SwellBrains | | SurfSurf

Honestly, this entire video that just dropped today is impressive to watch.  If you just want the triple flip, skip to 2:45.

We had no idea all this was going on in wakeboarding.  Obviously, the winch scene has hugely changed things in wakeboarding.  Wakeboarding parks and urban riding are a reality in Florida where water is everywhere.

This guy rips it up in this video and yes, the triple flip is also insane.  Congrats Cody Hesse.

In his first full edit, Cody Hesse lands the only triple flip on a wakeboard. After over a year of filming throughout Florida and Georgia, Cody and his team were able to bring you this edit full of bangers. Without the support of his crew, this would not have been possible. Special thanks goes to: Scott Byerly and Byerly Boards, Brandon Thomas, Chris O’Shea, Matt Maloy, Bear Karry, Lea Montes, Rockstar Energy, Follow, Billabong, OWC and Valdosta Wake Compound.” – Byerly Boards

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