[VIDEO] Andrzej Bargiel Completes Historic Ski Descent of All Karakoram 8,000-Meter Peaks

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In a remarkable feat of mountaineering, Polish ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel successfully skied down Gasherbrum I yesterday, marking the completion of his journey of skiing down all the Karakoram 8,000-meter peaks. Bargiel’s daring descent began immediately after he reached the summit at 7:15 am. Multiple other climbing teams, including Alpenglow, Imagine Nepal, and solo climbers, such as Hugo Ayaviri, also reached the summit.

The journey back to base camp was made safely, where Bargiel and his team are taking a rest before sharing further details. This latest accomplishment comes after Bargiel’s successful summit and descent of Gasherbrum II just last week. He previously skied down Broad Peak in 2015 and K2 in 2018.

The climb to the summit of Gasherbrum I was not without its challenges. Starting from Camp 2, the expedition’s difficulty escalated for climbers not using supplemental oxygen, such as Ayaviri and Bargiel. Despite challenging weather conditions and a long climb, Ayaviri successfully reached the summit and returned to Camp 1. Other climbing groups on neighboring Gasherbrum II, including climbers Flor Cuenca of Peru and Adriana Brownlee of the UK, anticipate reaching the summit tonight. Summits were also reported on Broad Peak, including a successful climb by Victor Rimac of Peru, who ascended without supplementary O2.

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