VIDEO: Prime Conditions at ‘Promised Land’ in Argentina at Site of New Resort Opening 2021

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Developers are currently planning a large, new ski resort near Mendoza, Argentina that will be named “El Azufre” and is scheduled to open in 2021. SnowBrains spoke with the developers last year, and share their excitement for the new development.

The resort hopes to revitalize a ski industry in the Andes devasted by recent dry winters which have resulted in many resorts closing early, or not even opening at all. El Azufre, located in the area of Baños de El sulfur, in the Valenzuela River Valley, close to Malargue, promises to be different. Described by one of the developers as ‘the promised land’, the area is the sweet spot of the Andes in terms of altitude and snow coverage. It has valleys at 2,000+ m and peaks at 4,000 m.

Judging by the video above, it promises to be something special. Those views. That terrain, and that snow…

I share a little bit of last Sunday in #elazufre to motivate all those who are eager to climb the mountains … There they are … they put on those shiny white ponchos that look so cute! The hares and foxes are leaving their tracks everywhere, the condors fly while we equip on the summit, that cornice combs a fringe of crystals, the snow is cold and deep … And there I suddenly found myself, with my boots on. the hooks adjusted on the third tooth, the ski with the @windtoys_ sticker on the left foot, the hat under the helmet and the ziploc bag of goodies on the top of my backpack … I AM A HAPPY SKIER!
I want to thank the entire El Azufre team for allowing me to be a part and for all the hard work every day @joseignaciobeccar @ diegol816 @federicohuajardo @ luchito.martin @martin_cacho @rodriaguado and @brunobrachetta for helping us get the changa out 📸😅👊
Thanks family, thanks friends, thanks Pachita!

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