VIDEO: Backcountry Banter Before Sending a Double-Backflip Off a 70-Foot Cliff

SnowBrains | Friday FunFriday Fun

GoPro shared this video of #GoProAwards recipient Josh Gold and his buddy Brandon Beck eyeing up a 70-foot cliff in the backcountry before sending it to the moon. Beck went first, sending a huge backflip off of ‘pancake rock’ straight to tomahawk.

“Yeah more speed!” Beck shouted back towards Gold, who went forward to stomp one of the biggest double-backflips we’ve ever seen anyone throw in the backcountry. We know both Squaw boys, Josh and Brandon, and were skiing with them this day. Peep a different angle of this send by Josh and some other fun lines we skied with them that day in the edit below.



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