[VIDEO] Bode Miller and Andy Wirth Talk About The Ethos Behind Their New Peak Ski Company

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Peak Ski Company was founded on four pillars: innovation, precision, performance and grit. Owners Andrew Wirth and Bode Miller, alongside their team, strive to produce the most technical – and fun – ski you’ll ever ride.

Proudly born in the mountains of Southwestern Montana and from the vision of its co-founders, Andy Wirth and Bode Miller, the Peak Ski Company is rooted in innovation. On April 6th, Andy Wirth and Bode Miller announced the new venture, Peak Ski Company, LLC, a direct-to-consumer, high-performance ski and brand platform that is leading with a line of six all-mountain and side-country skis for the 2022/23 ski season.

The lineup of Peak’s high-performance all mountain skis for 2022/2023 includes four models, with each model delineated by the measurement (in millimeters) underfoot: The Peak 88; Peak 98; Peak 104, and Peak 110. Developed and tested in the Montana backcountry, the company has also developed a line of high-performance “sidecountry” skis, Peak SC by Bode Miller, including Peak 98SCs 98’s and Peak 104SCs.

While Peak is the first, at-scale, direct-to-consumer ski company in the United States, the entire company and its affiliate partners are focused on developing advanced materials, manufacturing processes and equipment, and integrating technologies into skis with an intense cadence and a focus on performance.

Peak’s 2022/23 line of skis have already been declared among the best skis available in the market, based on the ingenuity and experience of the product design and development team led by legendary alpine ski racer, Bode Miller. Learn more at www.peakskis.com.

Stay tuned for our review of the new skis later this season.

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3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Bode Miller and Andy Wirth Talk About The Ethos Behind Their New Peak Ski Company

  1. I year ago had the chance to ski with Bode and test the Crosson skis in Big Sky. His knowledge of ski design and tuning was blew me away. Even then he talked about how a keyhole design made a huge difference when he raced. I bought 2 pairs of Crosson skis that he set up for me. I hoped they would make a keyhole design ski. Now that Peak is doing so, I plan to buy a few pairs of Peak skis. If he says they are an improved design, believe him. His knowledge of ski design and tuning is amazing, and resulted in a huge difference in my skiing.

  2. Hey Andy I thought Alterra aka KSL said you retired when you left tahoe and the ski area formally known as Squaw Valley.
    oh wait, you were fired because you are such a cheater and have zero integrity. I recall your now other ex-wife Karen, when you live together in that luxury neighborhood tell us that she came home early from work one day and found you having sex in your bed with another woman.
    So she called the moving company days later and had them load all ypur stuff in their truck. When they sked Karen when she would like all your crap delivered she gave them your phone number and said call him.
    Remember that Andy? Totally Wirth-less no doubt.

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