VIDEO: Cody Townsend’s Line of the Year is Intense!

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Cody Townsend is a pro skier from Squaw Valley, California.  In 2014, he cleaned up at the Powder Awards receiving awards for Best Male Performance, Full Throttle, and Best Line.

Cody’s Best Line is a crazy tunnel chute in Alaska that he claims was:

“The scariest thing I’ve ever done”

We interviewed Cody at the Powder Awards on December 7th, 2014 and this is what he said:

Cody Townsend (CT) Interview:

SnowBrains: You had such a phenomenal year last year with everything you did, what do you have in store for this upcoming year/season?

CT: Well I got some big plans in motion, hopefully a little more exploration and adventure based, haha but can’t really go public with it just yet.

SnowBrains: I found Days of My Youth to be a game changer ski movie in allot of aspects, how do you feel about the way it turned out?

CT: Every time I watch it I come away with something different and unique and I like that about the way it turned out.

CT: I think the best part is people I talk to after they see the film tell me like “ yeah man I want to quit my job” I am like yeah that’s awesome, oh wait maybe think about that for a while, but yeah that’s the spirit

15th annual Powder Awards

SnowBrains: So how many times have you watched the film yourself?

CT: haha something like 15 times and like I said something new comes from it each time.

SnowBrains: So I have read and seen where you have been kind of coaching your wife through her ski career this year, how has that been?  And has that changed your perspective at all in skiing?

 CT: Ha Ha not really a coach, she really know what she is doing and I am there just as support and she always impresses me what she does.

Cody's line.
Cody’s line.

SnowBrains: So how is having your wife be able to ski at the same level as you?

CT: It is awesome, I get home from a trip and all she wants to do is go skiing with me, pretty great I have to say, guess I am lucky.

SnowBrains: How is Arcade Belts progressing for you and your partners?

CT: It has been really good and growing. Kind of a change for me from going out and working with my legs every day to working in an office 8 hours a day but I like it in all honesty.


SnowBrains: Ok with that being said is there ever an idea to maybe to some collective work with Tahoe Made, Arcade Belts, and Snowbrains, being that all organizations are North Lake Tahoe/Squaw Valley based?

CT: Yeah I think so, I spoke a bit in the past with Miles and Eric and would consider that a possibly for the future.

SnowBrains: Great, thank you for your time and good luck this next season.


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