VIDEO: Cops Appear to SHOOT at Surfers Ignoring Lockdown in Costa Rica

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The world is on lockdown.

Everywhere is closed.

Natural, wide-open spaces, the mountains, and even the oceans. 

Skiers are being told not to head to the mountains, and surfers are being told to stay away from the oceans.

While patrolling the beaches for anybody ignoring these measures, these cops in Costa Rica came across guys surfing.

Obviously they didn’t give themselves up, so the cops appear to have SHOT at them.

Surfer Simon Rex told The Inertia: “Dodged a bullet in Costa filming @snapt4 – waves were firing but so were the cops so I split. Shits wild…. ”

Professional surfer Noe Mar McGonagle who was in Costa Rica at the time this video was recorded said in an interview with

“That cop is in trouble for basically attempting to kill someone. Whether he really aimed for him or not, he shot at the back of an unarmed person. So it’s not looking good for the cop.”

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