VIDEO: Dramatic Rescue Helicopter Crash on Edge of Austria’s Highest Peak | Rescuer Dives Under Tail Rotor & Survives

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A helicopter crashed near the summit of 12,460′ Grossglockner peak, Austria’s tallest mountain.

This search and rescue crew had just picked up a patient from a mountain hut near the summit of Grossglockner when a strong gust of wind knocked the helicopter off balance.  

The rescue helicopter spun around swinging its tail rotor at the rescuer who had just put the patient in the helicopter.  He had to dive to the ground to avoid being killed.

The helicopter then spun around again and crashed, barely staying on the mountain plateau.  The helicopter nearly rolled off the edge.

Map showing location of accident.

The pilot, patient, and rescuer were uninjured.  The paramedic received minor injuries.

A second helicopter showed up and successfully evacuated the patient minutes after this crash.

An incredibly close call.

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