VIDEO: Elias Ambühl Breaks World Record By Skiing Switch At 81.54mph

Chris Wallner | | Industry NewsIndustry News

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Elias Ambühl skied switch at 131.23kph, which is equal to 81.54mph. He did this in a training session at Arosa, Switzerland earlier this week. This run shattered the previous world record that was set by Anders Backe in 2013 when he skied switch at 128.7kph or 79.97mph. You may not think that 81.54mph is that fast, but to put it in perspective, the fastest speed registered in World Cup Skiing was Johan Clarey in the 2013 Wengen, Switzerland Downhill when he skied 161.9kph or 100.6mph!

Featured Image Courteous of: © Egelmair Photography

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