Video: Erupting Volcanoes and A Unique Freeride Experience in Eastern Russia

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ROAM presents ‘Kamchatsky Chronicles’, a short film produced by Poptop Productions about a groups expedition to eastern Russia to ski the highest active volcano in Eurasia. For 30 days the group of old college friends navigate their way around the Kamchatka Peninsula with varying levels of success and lots of random exciting happenings.

“Waiting on the side of the only road in Northern Kamchatka in sub-zero temps, strict rationing of bacon and cheese as supplies ran low, Russian military, erupting volcanoes and being benighted in the Russian wilderness after a wild night at the Irish Pub…this is a trip I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” says ROAM/Drew Herder.

This video unearths some major obstacles that are encountered when traveling to foreign lands but also exhibits the raw excitement of international ski exhibitions. To read a full trip report visit Kamchatsky Chronicles on

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