VIDEO: French Skier Survives Avalanche, Captures Footage With Selfie Stick

Sergei Poljak | | AvalancheAvalanche

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Guillaume Anton wasn’t expecting to be caught in a surprisingly large slab avalanche at the French resort of La Plagne last week. Selfie stick in hand and in full charge mode, Anton was catching some pow turns in the Les Ronds “off-piste” area of the resort when he appears to have paused at the top of a steep rollover, although its difficult to tell what the terrain was like. The slab took him for a ride but Anton was stubborn, and held his camera high for some surprisingly good footage of the event.

“The mountain is a magical place that can take us very far. However it is still a playground very dangerous. Tonight I lit a candle. I’m well aware of the chance that I’ve had. Be careful.”

– Guillaume Anton, reflecting on the incident.

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