[VIDEO] Huge Avalanche at Slopestyle World Cup in Tignes, France, Captured by Several Freeski Athletes

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The avalanche hurtled toward the Slopestyle course. | Picture: Screenshot from Cody La Plante’s Instagram Story

Incredible images have been shared across social media after an avalanche in Tignes, France, was hurtling towards the FIS World Cup Slopestyle course, where the world’s best freestyle skiers were training and about to compete in the qualification round on March 16, 2023.

La Plante
Snow plumes engulfing the Slopestyle course in Tignes, France. | Picture: Screenshot from Cody La Plante’s Instagram Story

US Freestyle skier Cody La Plante shared footage in his Instagram stories of the avalanche mercilessly making its way towards the Slopestyle course and skiers, course officials, and shapers scrambling to get away from the snow plumes. According to La Plante, everyone is okay, but qualifiers had to be postponed by a day.

Other athletes who captured incredible footage of the avalanche include Sweden’s Jesper Tjäder and Switzerland’s Andri Ragettli.

The Slopestyle FIS World Cup event has the world’s elite skiers in attendance, including 2023 World Champions Troy Podmilsak from the USA and Bird Ruud from Norway, who won in Bakuriani in Big Air and Slopestyle respectively.


Avalanche during the Slopestyle World Cup in Tignes. Stay safe out there!

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