[VIDEO] Incredible Footage of Glacier Collapse in Switzerland

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Glacier collapse
Screenshot from the video of the glacier collapsing. Credit: @glacionaut (Juergen Merz)

German photographer Jürgen Merz specializes in capturing glaciers and volcanoes across the globe. On his website Abstract Landscapes, you can check out some of his beautiful work.

For his ‘Glacier Project,’ he has traveled along the glaciers of the Alps, Norway, and Iceland to document the effect of global warming and climate change. Last week Merz was in Switzerland to take pictures at the Tschierva glacier, which is located in the Bernina range in the canton of Graubünden (Grischa), close to the Italian border.

As he was taking pictures of a past avalanche, part of the glacier collapsed, triggering a new avalanche. It is incredible to watch the force of nature at work while also tragic to witness our glaciers disappearing, bit by bit.

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    1. There is a video posted, it’s an Instagram video so maybe the player didn’t load properly for you. Def cool to see.

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