VIDEO: Insane 140-Foot Backflip with 3.1-Seconds of Free Fall…

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Skip to 8:55 in this video.

These guys are nuts.  The peak of the insanity is when this guy throws a 140-foot backflip off a cliff into water…

The balls and skills it would take to do that?

He said that he was 10 miles from the nearest town/hospital when he did this stunt.  If anything went wrong it was gonna go real wrong.

You can see that he throws a rock right before jumping.  We assume in hopes that it’ll break up the water tension a bit right before he touches down?

We saw another version of this video where he says this upon landing:

“Feels like my lungs are bleeding!”


“We flew a single engine airplane to the most gorgeous, massive cliffs and waterfalls the United States has to offer. After meeting up with our west coast cliff jumping friends they showed us some awesome spots in Oregon and Washington. We also stopped in California, Utah, Arizona, and a few other states along the way. This has been the best trip of my life! Do not attempt, we are professionals.Triple backflip, double cork, insane 140 foot backflip, and a bunch of other crazy cliff jumping from our trip across the country.” – Addicted to Adrenalin


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