[VIDEO] LNT: Leave No Trace – A Backcountry Ski Film Emphasizing Treading Lightly and Respecting the Mountains

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La Sportiva’s LNT (Leave No Trace) explores the beauty and allure of nature and the desire for adventure that resides in all of us. Showcasing magnificent landscapes, the film emphasizes the respect for these places that we must cultivate, the importance of treading lightly and coexisting with both the natural and developed elements, ultimately allowing for a boundary line between the world of mountains and man to evolve further and further. The film also touches on the sensation of love and gratitude that comes from experiencing nature’s serenity and playfulness. Ultimately, the goal is to protect and preserve this incredible beauty beyond imagination.

La Sportiva Presents LNT, a film by Michael C Wirth.

LNT – Leave No Trace – is a backcountry ski film centered around the intentionality of travel amongst a snow-covered landscape.

“To carve without being seen, for no purpose other than that of executing a calculated movement along landscape with greater eyes in mind.”

This is LNT.

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