VIDEO: Road To Alta, UT (SR 210) BURIED Under Avalanche Debris Yesterday

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The above video by UDOT shows us what a monumental task it is to remove the avalanche debris from the SR 210 highway into Little Cottonwood Canyon (Alta & Snowbird’s canyon).

The past two days in Little Cottonwood Canyon have been wild.

The highway (SR 210) into Little Cottonwood Canyon has been closed due to avalanche danger Thursday & Friday and finally opened today at noon.

Many avalanches came down over the 210 highway the past two days.

Video of an avalanche coming across SR 210 in Little Cottonwood Canyon yesterday at Alta, Utah:

Little Cottonwood Canyon did finally open today at noon.

Alta & Snowbird also opened today after being closed due to avalanche danger the past 2-days.

Thanks, UDOT, for keeping us safe and getting our canyons open after huge avalanche cycles like this one.

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