VIDEO: Sammy Luebke Shreds Some WICKED Alaskan Backcountry Lines

Chris Wallner | BackcountryBackcountry

Turn up the volume and get ready to rock! We got three minutes of heavyweight Alaskan metal starring the back-to-back Freeride World Tour champ and back-to-back Xtreme Verbier champ, Mr. Sammy Luebke! After winning the 2016 tour Sammy went to Alaska and filmed for TGR’s “TIGHTLOOSE”. With a calculated but full throttle style, Sammy stacked shots that show exactly why he’s been untouchable on tour. Sammy has an incredible eye for a line and he was born to stomp. This is part two of Sammy’s 2016 full part featuring all of Sammy’s best shots from AK.

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