VIDEO: Skier-Triggered Avalanche On Mt. Washington, NH

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Two days ago, a skier triggered avalanche was caught on video on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Luckily, no one was injured in the slide. The East Coast has been getting a lot of snow as of late, which can lead to unstable snow conditions.

Here’s What Mount Washington’s Avalanche Center Had To Say About It:

“Some of the best learning opportunities are unplanned. About 50 people on the deck at Hermit Lake watched 2 skiers climb Hillman’s and move to The Duchess. Many people were on the fence about their plans for the day and considering “just going for a look.” Many did not have avalanche rescue gear. As the skiers moved into the first few turns in The Duchess, they triggered a slab that proceeded to nearly clean out the entire slope as it ran down the length of the gully and through the Lower Snowfields. Thankfully, the skiers did not get caught. Watching an avalanche in action helped many of the people on the deck decide that maybe today wasn’t the day. We can talk all day and try to teach as much as we can, but there is nothing more effective than watching the powder cloud rip down the mountain.”

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