[VIDEO] Solitude Mountain Resort, UT, Patrollers Trigger Large D2 Avalanche at Ski Area

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Ski Patrollers at Solitude Mountain Resort, UT, triggered this large D2 avalanche during their mitigation work earlier this week.

A D2 avalanche is big enough to bury, injure, or kill a person.

The patrollers were blasting in Honeycomb Canyon when they triggered this slide that was 100-feet wide and had a 3-5-foot crown.

We’re eager to open Honeycomb Canyon as soon as possible.  In addition to needing a little more snow (it’s coming), ski patrol has been busy with avalanche mitigation in that area. On December 18, patrol triggered this large D2 (deadly to humans) avalanche with explosives. The crown of the avalanche measures 3′-5′ deep and 100′ wide.

Thank you, patrollers, for keeping us safe!

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